Ignore the time and date on photos, those are home time..So we wandered the streets spying on people and then we wet to the bar called the Wave, to see our rockin cover band "Big Toe"

Coki and Andrew being evil

spies bugging a couple on the beach. I "of course" was not involved....

We finally tired of the paparazzi and wandered in to the bar the "Wave" to have some drinks.......


the master photographer with camera taken away...

So, we played darts. English guy, you know, you would EXPECT him to be good, but he didnt appear to have played from age four, poor Andrew!

We drank, and Michelles beer was for some reason, VERY HUGE. We wanted to show the size, which brought on a discussion that Michelle wins in her opinion. Do you film the bottles from the top, the bottom, or straight on with people in the photo? You be the judge, Michelle is the only scientist in the group..."still life with beer" wins!

Straight on, under, over,

Still life with beer, cigs and a hand.

We spent the rest of the night dancing. Our attention spans were very limited at this point.

e Michelle fell asleep at the table, so after walking her back to the room to sleep, Monique and Andrew hit the bars again in search of more interesting things.