First of all, Coki and I hopped on the big plane from LA to Hawaii. We plopped down in the nice comfortable and very empty business class seats - at least 30 of them empty. We thought we were so cool and got away with it - we even got orange juice, nice blankets and pillows, free headphones. Alas, when the lady taking food orders came over (how do they know anyway, they let people upgrade at the last second) she knew we werent supposed to be there and come hell or high water, she was making damn sure we didnt stay there. We stayed for takeoff since we were already moving, then she instantly was on us - all the begging in the world wasnt going to get us to stay. SO, we shlepped ourselves, bags and all back in with the rest of the cattle - to the second to last row. Nice, quiet to babies crying and cramped in to very small spaces - i think we hit 7 people on our way accidentally as they were all standing around in the 14inch across aisles. One of those that Monique (Coki, Monique, same person, childhood nickname) whacked with a big bag was an english journalist Andrew from LA heading over (a little late) to do a story on the shooting. We thought he would hate us the whole time, but he got used to us eventually.

Back to day one: we needed a drink! Thomas the bellman told us to see bartender Tim, and he is taking very good care of us so far. He has lived here for 13 years or maybe it was 31, remember he is taking good care of us so my memory is shot! He took this so we would remember some of the trip

So, we spent the day looking at hotels - strange concept of condo they have here, they all look like hotel rooms with a hotplate. We now LOVE our luxury upgraded hotel room with a fantastic view of the marina and beach, even if we arent on waikiki! Next week we have to slum it in a "condo"...oh well!

We had dinner with Andrew the journalist at a Japanese place

He is writing a story about Bruce Willis and the town of Hailey but I dont think we are allowed to talk about it.Dinner was great until they started slamming utensils around right in my ear - I just wasnt expecting it right then...

Enough about dinner - we had a good one, Coki learned how to use chopsticks

Then we went out on the town for a very very late evening (we are 3 hours behind here, so we were still on home time).

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