Thursday, that was RAINY DAY!! You know what THAT means, dont you?


Here is the proof, we did not fabricate a rain day to spend it indoors. On the way to the Ala Moana shopping center (mecca, they even have Bebe and that is very dangerous for us!) we found a nice wall of water that we just had to relax in front of, a little meditation to ready us for pushing through a crowded mall. Shopping, as everyone knows, energizes women so we were amped by the end of the day, enough that we even skipped working out today (bad us)...

We bought a VCR, so we can do our Tae Bo tape. We plan to return it at the end (dont tell anyone!) unless Michelle decides to keep it out of guilt, very likely..., We got so carried away at the mall, we were an hour and a half late for a call from our pal Paul Deering (imagine us late, I am sure that is very hard for everyone to do).

<<Us resting by the nice running water fountain>>

Paul pickes us up in his convertible mustang, perfect car for out here. He took us to this great bar right on the beach in Waikiki called Dukes. Duke is I guess the founder of surfing, which would explain why everyone (not an exaggeration) has been trying to get us to try surfing. No way for Michelle, the one that gets sucked under by the waves no matter what she does, but Monique is all for it!

Dukes had a nice hawaiian band playing, it was very relaxing. We finally got lei'ed, by Paul! We were ignored at the airport, so it was great to actually get one that smelled so good - ginger flowers. Here we are drinking toxic blue stuff at Dukes, day 2 and counting and we have yet to put on our bathing suits (note: still no massive sunburn, but it will come!)

Paul had to go to meet a date at 7pm, so he took us back to our hotel.

We had an early night fighting with the VCR, we had to call engineering in to help us. (no, i could have figured it out, but they had locks on the cables)...as he was flipping around to see if we still got channels, we realized not only do we have all channels, but all account info and any movie anyone was watching. needless to say, someone around here finds the porn channels useful, that was minorly emabarrasing for the engineer! We missed friends, i STILL have not seen a new episode this year! We fell asleep at 9pm, party animals that we are!

next...Friday will have to be the first day we spend getting some sun...