good morning from austria! 9/1/00

what a sweet town this is. the buildings all have awesome facades with murals and sculptures depicting scenes of traditional alps living. the town has an international 'olympic feel" to it. although the last olympics were held here in 1976, the decor feels more like the 19th century. the town is surrounded by mountains that rise above the city 8000 feet. the clouds are receding and this morning it looks like the higher elevations got a dusting of snow. the weather should warm up to the mid 70's. i was hoping to take a ride on the olympic bobsled run but they are not running it until 4 pm and we will be on our way to czechoslovakia

.Here is "THE" Billy Held fishing shop in Innsbruck!

The Golden Roof, that you cant really see, is the "new" golden roof right above the scene here.

9/2/00 Passau, Deutschland

wow! time is flying by it's already noon here in germany-time to check out of the holiday inn. we just finished downloading our first couple of days of travel onto the web page. hope it works. michelle is a wiz with her computer skills.., we still need a little more time to post some of our pictures, we've taken a fair amount of video shots, now we need to edit out some individual digital photos and post them. we promise to have them ready this eve. time here in europe is 8 hours ahead of mountain standard time. yesterday we had a wonderful time in austria. we rode a cable bus up to the top of the mountain overlooking the town. there was a small village at the top where we enjoyed some austrian beer and took in enormous views of the valley below. i love Innsbruck, as the city is rich in its mountainous - alp - traditions. we hope to swing back through on our return to italy. then with a little luck the bobsled run will become a reality. the drive here to passau, germany was fast! cliff at 85 yrs old was a good sport in allowing me to drive at 165 kph (105 mph), he said i was an "expert! driver" -yea baby. anyway we arrived last night in passau, as it was a four hour drive from Innsbruck. michelle and i went to the octoberfest last night and took in some german entertainment as well as beverage. we are heading to the czech-republic right now and cliff is beating on our door so we must check out now.., we'll add to our descriptions later.., tschuss.., michelle and billy


One of the many castles on the Tirol drive...very beautiful region!